Spirit Path Clinic was founded by Haim Hen, a practitioner in Chinese medicine, to treat a variety of medical problems with Chinese medicine, in full cooperation with modern western medicin

Chinese medicine is an ancient method of healing from the Far East that treats the patient as complete entity . holistic) containing physical components and energetic mental elements. Chinese medicine is efficient both in the treatment of different medical problems, and as preventive medicin with a view to improving your quality of life


Can I Help You ?

with the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and zen shiatsu, we can  treat a wide variety of problems like:
Orthopedic pains: Pains in the lower back, in the joint of palm, in Nablus, in the shoulders, in the lap, pains Radiate Sciatica, rehabilitation of sports injuries / accidents and more

Treatment of stress: Tension and nervousness, panic, fears, fits of anger, headaches, migraine, blood pressure (high or low), difficulty concentrating, and problems with memory.

Sleeping problems: Insomnia, waking frequently, "easy" sleep, early wakeup call

Problems of digestion: Bellyache, gastrointestinal irritation, heartburn, gas, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal swelling, Chrones disease, heartburn, low appetite, overeating, slimming and more.

Problems of women: Menstrual pains (PMS), irregular cycle, cycle advances, cycle tarries, accompaniment Pregnancy, reversal passes, hemorrhage after birth, urine tract infection (UTI), menopause and more.

Lung Problems: Chronic coughing, acute coughing, weak immune system, numerous phlegm, asthma


Methods Of Healing

Acupuncture: The most identified treatment with Chinese medicine has been used in China for over 2000 years. Chinese acupuncture is based on equilibrium of the flow of the chi (the energy of life) in the treated body, with the help of an inculcation of needles to a point of acupuncture specifically according to the diagnosis of an accredited practitioner. Nowadays acupuncture is one of the more investigated fields in the world of the alternative medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine: Chinese herbal medicine is an additional branch which helps to solve different problems. The action of the herbal medicine on the body helps the action of the acupuncture and vice versa. The clinical experience and the use of the herbs give a response to a wide variety of pains and inner problems as well to mental problems

Zen shiatsu: Shiatsu alleviates tension and pains, and is helpful in the treatment of physical and mental problems that are chronic or that do not react well to other treatments. The treatment activates the chi by pressing and pulling or applying tension on points in the body and lengthwise the Meridians (channels of energy)


17 Gordon st.
kiriyat Motzkin

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Haim Hen - Dipl. Ac Hb

Haim Hen, is an Chinese medicine acupuncturist and herbalist who is specializing in treating women and fertility problems, anxiety and stress and recovery after surgery at "spirit-path clinic""in Kiryat Motzkin under his management.


Haim also managed the Chinese herbs department of  "Bara – Chinese wisdom ".

Haim Lecturered in the Colleges "tmurot" and "the college for Complementary Medicine" and in various professional conferences.
worked for 3 years is at the surgery department at "Bnai Zion Medical Center" and served as the academic manager of the course  "Integrated Chinese Medicine in preoperative and postoperative care" which takes place at the surgery Department.